Did Tulip Find Another Pink Chanel She Couldn't Live Without???

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  1. Why yes, yes she did. :graucho:

    Can you believe it? I couldn't either, but I just had to have it!

    My SA & even the Chanel Store Manager had to keep it out of other's hands just for me. I just love my Chanel Boutique folks!

    Any one around to see?
  2. Cant wait.
  3. Excited!! [emoji7][emoji7]
  4. Yes yes !!!!
  5. Im here������
  6. Please!!!!!!
  7. Of course!!!
  8. I'm here!
  9. Here!!
  10. No waiting today here on a lovely Easter Sunday. Beautiful day to Reveal my new 2016 Cruise Pinky/Gold Pixelated M/L Classic Flap.

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  11. Don't keep us waiting too long!!!
  12. I've never seen anything like this one before. Now that I've reduced my "necessities" I can comfortably carry a M/L size. But that's as small as I can go.
    I would love to have a Mini or a WOC, but that's just not gonna happen. So I just enjoy the other Reveals that I see here on TPF.

    I wanted to show a close up photo so you can see how unique the pixelated handbag is. I think it's so pretty.

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  13. Absolutely gorgeous my friend!! And will look fabulous with your pink ballet shoes. Your all set for spring. :hbeat:
  14. It's gorgeous! congrats !! :smile: the perforated texture makes all the photos look like they have a filter on - it's quite trippy!
  15. Woohoo!!!!! :woohoo:

    Pinky is amazing in the M/L!!

    So lucky!! I know there were not many avail around! :drinkup:

    I didn't know the pixels were all over the inside flaps too - BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! :hbeat: :drool:

    Please please post mod shots carrying it different ways.
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