Did this Thomas Wylde really come in this color??

  1. Ok - I know this is a fake - being from China, and the price they are asking.
    But did the real thing ever come in a red like this????
    If so, any idea where I could find one?? Any help would be appreciated!


    This is a picture from the above auction -
    I have to laugh at the catalog showing up behind the purse!

  2. I want to say that I only saw Thomas Wylde in black and an off white, no red. Sorry.
  3. I haven't seen it in red either. I saw it in grey, white and black only.
  4. Thanks! I'd never seen a red one before, either.
    I'd love it though if it did!

    Thanks again - now I don't have to knock myself out looking for a real one.