Did this LV exist? ever?


Do you think it's authentic?

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  2. Maybe

  3. Probably not

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  1. Okay- I've been driving myself crazy with this LV mono canvas backpack that I keep seeing on eBay. WARNING: do not read following sentance if you own a mono backpack or backpack purse! (btw: I HATE lv backpacks; you're not in school, and they're not cute: they're '90's.) Back to sanity, I was just wondering if this bag has ever existed: Even though I see it everywhere online, I've never seen it on elux or the Vuitton website, and it has Damier-like chocolate brown trim, not vachetta. Currently, they're are 2 ebay auctions going:



    Vuitton experts, you're needed!
  2. I agree, backpacks are SO 90's :nuts: I've never seen this backpack before. Maybe ayla knows?
  3. The Christopher DOES exist. I have seen it at the LV store and have seen it in a collection. Hope that helps.
  4. yep,was released few years ago then later discontinue....
  5. Yup,

    it was released for the Men's (Lizard Winter?) season about 2 years ago...it had a huge retail price and I've seen it faked often..I think it was like 4-5 grand? In the line it had a softer Briefcase, and a hard sided briefcase...
  6. Yep, it's pretty neat looking isn't it ?

    The second one is a pretty wretched fake of it too. :\