did this happen to anyone at let trade?

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  1. I heard so many good things about let trade so I went ahead to order a Bal mini classic bag from their website yesterday and paid immediately through paypal . Was happy :yes: until I got a email from them this morning saying someone else has paid before me :confused1:. I was soooo disappointed . It's like a broken dream... :sad:
    So upset ...
    I 've been emailing them like 3-4 times and never got any replys ...
  2. Yeah that's one of the only problems with them since whoever pays first gets the item.
  3. these things can happen since all the bags they have are unique. it's not like they have 20 pieces of the same bag, so this type of situation is normal imo
  4. Sorry you didn't get it but don't worry, they'll be able to help you to locate one :smile:
  5. Hope you can find 1 soon. :yes:
  6. :yes:
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