Did this ever happen to your vernis?

  1. I bought this silver vernis bag around 5 years ago and it started turning yellowish. To make it worse, the glue started coming out of the seams. I took my bag to the LV store for repair and even the SA told me that they cannot do anything about it. Unfortunately, the pictures I posted only show the glue stains and not the yellowish tint. That is why I swear never to buy any more vernis bags (I made a mistake of buying pink and beige too!) because, hey, we are paying an arm and leg for these bags and it is supposed to last forever. Anyone out there with vernis horror stories?
    bbag 002.jpg bbag 003.jpg bbag 004.jpg
  2. Wow, that is not good, what do you think caused it?
  3. That is so sad. :crybaby: I love the look of the vernis but I'm scared of it for that reason. I really love the malibu and want one badly, but I don't want to buy an $800+ bag and have it disintegrate in a couple years, all on its own to boot.
  4. I never have it happened to my vernis (and hopefully never) but there is this listing on eBay for a yellow vernis wallet that I like (old collection) and it has the same problem!!!
    I wonder if they do have problems with the glue.
  5. um.... no. I have a vintage rose spring street and silver spring street, they both look beautiful; here's a pic of my rose... I'm going to put it back in my avatar, I also have a lavender sullivan which is in gorgeous condition! The rest of my vernis is new.... I hope it ages well... can't find rose, but here's silver and it's totally gorgeous, even the handle is still a light patina, both date coded 99...

    I think temperature is important with vernis. I feel more comfortable wearing it in the winter, since I live in the hot desert... I get concerned about the heat...
    silver spring street.jpeg
  6. I've had my beige vernis Thompson St for about 5 years and it still looks almost new, I don't really baby it either. Never had a problem with yellowing or glue. Sorry to hear about that :sad: I can't believe the store wouldn't help you- the vernis line is NOT cheap!!
  7. ewww.. sorry I'm no help! I would be mad too!
  8. The LV SA told me that the vernis material has a tendency to change color in time, maybe it it because of the characterisic of the material itself. I think if one really wants a vernis bag, then opt for the darker colors like blue, bronze or red. I keep my bags in its original pouches and keep it in relatively cool place. The color change I can sort of understand, but the ugly glue stains?! :sad:
  9. Yes that happens to lighter Vernis colours sometimes, especially in heat. It´s even in the booklet that comes with Vernis items.
  10. That particular color of vernis has a tendency to have a yellowing of the glue occur. It's actually a known issue, a lot of older silver pieces that have popped up on eBay have had this trouble as well.
  11. eeek, i am sorry LV couldn't do anythinb about it! But my pink lexington is still in tip top shape since i got her about 3 years ago. I live in TX, but like Vernoika, only use Vernis pieces during winter season or evenings...i've seen how other patent bags cracked and turned yellowed b/c of excess exopsure to heat/sun....Good Luck :flowers:!
  12. Yellowing of lighter vernis colours is inevitable, especially in older vernis items, like when they were available in baby blue, marshmallow, rose, and silver. Those vernis WILL yellow sometime, sadly, this could be caused by heat, sunlight, or even just storing your bag for too long without using it.
  13. I think the humidity might also affect the glue. =(
  14. Here is an example from a Silver Vernis bag that's on eBay right now..it's common with the color:

    But anyway, I have quite a few vernis pieces and don't have any horror stories to share (and hope I never will).
  15. So sorry to hear this :'( I'd be upset too!