did this ever happen to you?

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  1. You wait until there are 20 seconds left in an auction to bid on your HG bag...then you bid say 301.01, only to find out the auction ended for $301.01 and you LOST? But then you breathe a sigh of relief because you just saved your self $300? LOL
  2. i've done it a milion times! like right after i bid i'm like- o crap i hope i don't win! LOL!
  3. ROFL...I have done that same thing too!!
  4. me too!!!! i sometimes bid to see if there is a reserve on things right about to end lol. did it today on a ring and won it for 99 cents lmao but 8 dollar shipping
  5. I have a feeling I might get a second chance offer...the winner bidder has NO feedback and is new to the bay (it has that thing next to their name).
  6. I have never bought anything off ebay before. I am to scared, scammers and such.
  7. Guilty. :P
  8. Yup. A gazillion times.

    Wanna know what's worse than scary-high spontaneous last-minute bids on eBay? eBay addiction when you're on Adderall! Seriously. I'm supposed to be studying right now, but instead I'm completely and utterly obsessed with eBay. I have, like, sixty items being watched right now, and I'm the highest bidder on 4 of them.

    (Geez, I sure hope I lose some of these auctions. I can't afford to keep buying things...)
  9. I think thats because people snipe the auction with the automatic bidders, its hard to win against them.
  10. This happened the other night. I bid more than I was willing to pay, and luckily I lost. :lol: Normally I'm good about sticking to my highest amount, but something got in me....very glad I lost that one.
  11. I've done that too and thankfully I lost also! It's like I HAD to outbid the highest bidder, like an addiciton or something LOL!:biggrin: The heat of the moment!
  12. Been there - Done that... I have also won and wanted to kill myself for biding.. Oh well..