Did this colour/hardware combo ever exist?

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  1. Hey Ladies,

    Was there ever a time where was an overlap between the old style GSH and the mini city? What was the first year it was produced? Was the mini city ever made in a magenta/fuchsia colour?

    Thanks for your help!

  2. You can do a search and quite easily get an answer to all your questions
  3. Or maybe someone knows and can help! ;)
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    I reviewed the various club houses, colour years, searched posts and was unsuccessful. Even Google was a bust!

    I was under the impression that there was the glorious '05 Magenta and the '08 Amethyst. I didn't think Bal came out with a similar fuchsia colour in any other year. The mini city style is relatively new (at least after '08) so when I saw a mini city with SGH in what looks like a magenta colour, I sort of lost my mind!

    I was hoping one of the amazing Bal experts could let me know if this combo ever existed.
  5. Hopefully someone can chime in here to help you with this question....it's not always easy to find the answers. Like you I tend to hone in on such a specific bag/hardware/color that it seems difficult to find the answer.
    I've always been this way. When my Mom would take me out shopping I would see a pair of shoes on another girl walking by and completely 'obsess' over them until I found out what they were and how I could get a pair!

    I feel your pain! These days my obsession seems to be handbags rather than shoes.
  6. Hmmm, no expert here at all and I might just be muddying the waters, but Brag my Bag states that the mini was released in 2006 in Asia only, and the colour charts show a limited edition magenta in F/W 2007 as well as a magenta S/S 2008.


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    I must admit I get somewhat confused with the G21, G12, mini GSH and any limited edition hardware...:wtf:. I think you need someone with more knowledge than I have...any chance you have a pic of the bag in question? And I thought the mini city was a much newer style, but then I drink a lot of wine...
  8. Pfffft!!!! So funny muchstuff! Wine is healthy or so I've been told...:graucho:
  9. Depends on volume my friend...:graucho:
  10. Absolutely, everything in moderation......:amuse:
  11. I've heard of moderation :lol::lol::lol:
  12. Neither have I, had to look up the word in order to spell it correctly......!!!!:lolots:
  13. The old style GSH did not overlap the mini city, which I believe started in 2012 or 2013 (don't quote me on that date exactly). The old style GSH (G21) was discontinued after 2011. So the mini city has only come with the mGGH, or g12 "giant" hardware. And really, if you look at the dimensions of the old G21 hardware and the dimensions of the mini city, the larger hardware would have been positively disproportionate on that little bag.

    The mini city likely would have been produced in the colors of the seasons since it has been in production; since I don't follow the pink family much, I'm uncertain if it has been made in a magenta/fuchsia color, but I do not recall one in recent years.

    I hope that helps :smile:
  14. +1 What she said, she knows waayyy more than I do, but s.tighe, can you look at the bragmybag link? Why are they saying the mini city was first released in Asia in 2006? Did I read it wrong? :confused1: