Did This Belt Come in Blue Denim Also?

  1. I really want to get this belt (saw someone in the visuals with it and it looks wonderful!) but I was wondering if it came in blue Denim too?

    I don't mind this color but I think the blue denim would work better into my wardrobe :supacool:
    TIA for your response

  2. Yes it does come in blue. :smile:
  3. Hi Linda!
    Have you seen it? Do you think it looks better in blue or pink?
  4. JoJo, we expect "visual aids" as soon as you get it!!!;)
  5. I like both colors personally. That blue is hard to match by itself IMO.
  6. If it looks great on Star, it'll look great on you too. :smile:
  7. Irene, count on it! :biggrin:

    Elongreach, really? I would think the blue would be easier as you can wear it with blue jeans. I think the pink is so pretty but I don't want to be limited to only wearing it with pink, etc...I am also worried about how the pink would look with Mono.
    Dang...another thing to add to my list of stuff to try on at LV :lol:

    Thanks to all for your input!
  8. I like blue, I just couldn't match any of my jeans up with it and I wear a lot of jeans. I like pink, but I say go for either one. They're both nice.
  9. I plan on getting the blue one soon I think blue is better to match with my wardrobe . I like pink one too, it goes well with mono mini in cherry.
  10. do you ladies know if it comes out in the green as well??? i would love to get the green...
  11. there's a pic of the blue & pink one in the Denim Club (LV clubhouse) page 2 they both look really nice