Did this bag....

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  1. There is a very large version (#10759 $698) that has multicolored hang tags all around the bag. I don't know if it's still available.
  2. I think the department stores sold a version of this bag that was a different size.
  3. The dept stores have them. I got mine at the last PCE - ordered it.
  4. So there ARE two sizes? Does anyone know how large the biggest one is and what the price is?

    I saw one today that was HUGE and seemed much bigger than the one listed on the website, so I'm kind of confused.
  5. The large is HUGE. I am not home right now to give the style number. It is either 1 lower or 1 higher than the big one. (try 10748)
  6. LOL we still have one on the floor if anyone is looking.

    The department stores got the small version of the multi stripe, the one pictures above is the larger of the two, but smaller than the gigantor hangtag basket, or the orange lizard basket.
  7. I think they are so cute but what does one do with a large basket like bag ? Is it for travel ?
  8. I think you could hide a 2 yr old in the larger basket!
  9. my husband called the huge one a banana basket and said we could carry an entire Colombian fruit market in there :lol:

  10. When I look at that LARGE basket, all I can think is "Moses, Moses, Moses". Thank You, Cecil B. DeMille!
  11. OP - the one you posted is the large size of that bag. Department stores got the smaller size.