Did They Produce Compagnon's This Season??

  1. This must seem like an idiotic question, but I haven't seen any signs of Compagnons in any of this season' s colours (welcome to a HUGE (NOT!!) selection of Balenciaga in Canada!) If anyone knows of any retailers through which I could order one, I'd really appreciate the info. I'm looking for anything bright! Actually, some to think of it, I don't care about the season...it's entirely the colour, so if you see any "brights" from past seasons OR this season....

    Many thanks in advance!!
  2. There is diabro.net, have you tried them already?

  3. Thank you so much, yes I have. They just had a black one :tdown:, I'll keep checking, of course. I'm hoping that there's a bricks and mortar retailer Stateside with a small mountain of them. :p Otherwise, I may be SOL! Thanks again for the suggestion!
  4. I saw a Pine one in another thread, it was in the main section about the zipper tape not matching the rest of the bag. http://forum.purseblog.com/balenciaga/that-zipper-tape-color-188617.html

    In jburgh's post, half way down page one, there are links to a Pine Green bag, and Compagnon, so obviously some colours were made!

    Good luck with your search, I haven't seen any around (which basically means Saks in Boca Raton didn't order them! )

    I wish you well,

  5. Did you check the ladies section on diabro.net? They do have some colors (not violet, jaune or pine but Sienna, Steel, Mogano...)!
  6. Thanks very much Bridget and South of France.....yes, I am checking Diabro regularly...unfortunately, so far they've only had the darker colours. And Bridget, I was actually going to be calling Saks in BR today, so you saved me that trouble. Many thanks to both of you.