Did they make the dk pink ugg in tall?

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  1. Yes they did, that is the Orchid or Lilac color.
  2. I received my tall orchid pink ugg boots today. ^^
    well the seller states they have been worn once! Well when I tried them on one feels like it has less shearliny inside. I gave three other pairs if ugg boots and have never experienced this.
    I wrote to the seller and told her about the issue...but if course no response yet!
    What could be wrong with the boot? It makes my foot slip up and down and the inside doesn't "hug" my foot as it should. But the other boot is just fine.
  3. The person could have stretched them out--a friend once wore one of my pairs of uggs, and has larger feet than I do and they never fit the same after that. You can also buy replacement insoles if they don't seem cushy enough on the bottom.
  4. They could have been bought at a Nordstrom Rack where they only put one boot out for try on. That one is always more stretched out then the other.
    This has happened to me all the time there.