did they make reissue accessories?

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  1. were there anything else besides the flaps that came with the rectangular lock?
  2. I believe there is a cell phone case.
  3. ^ lovely new avatar Erika!!

    Yea, there's a cell phone case. Mon has one and I believe Rose has one as well.
  4. Yep, there's a cell phone case. I just got one during the NM sale!:yahoo:
  5. I saw Tammy's photo if I'm not wrong and also someone else's one, it's very cute!! :smile:
    I think it was about 400 US?
  6. Actually, I've not posted a pic of my Reissue Cell Holder yet. On sale, it was $654 US. Smoothoprtr posted a pic of hers. I loved it so much, I called her SA and bought one too.
  7. There are 3 on eBay, I noticed yesterday. Two black and one grey phone case.:yes:
  8. ^^thanks girls!
    was hoping for a clutch or a wallet, i think it would look so cute with that type of lock!
  9. They're really nice too!!
  10. Gosh!! I did a lot of confusion!!!
    As it's about 495 euro I did confusion between dollars and euro! Gosh!!! :Push:
    Also, sorry for not remembering well the photos!!! Gosh, such a bad memory!!! :shrugs: mmm... who am I??? What am I doing here???? :shrugs::sweatdrop::wtf:
  11. No problem, Alice:flowers: . They are so many lovely pics posted here, it's hard to always remember who's got what. When you get as old as I am, your memory will *really* go!:P
  12. i wish they'd do a deerskin (cerf) wallet with the mademoiselle lock on it..... :sad: