Did they make a mistake??

  1. Oh no, I bet the seller meant 1,999.00. That would be funny if she got a bid.
  2. I saw that one too, I'm sure it was a typo.
  3. What a pretty bag!
  4. Her ad says that she is a tPF member.
  5. Someone already made an offer. Maybe 17,000? :lol:
  6. I'm curious.... pfer? who is the seller...
  7. She lost auth card and dustbag!!! I guess she never puts her bags back?
  8. In her defense i must say that before the Purse Forum I would have never thought to keep things like that. Receipts? Dustbags? I always tossed or lost them.

    Of course I never owned a Chanel before the forum but if I did I guarantee I probably wold have lost the auth card.

    And once i was given a Moschino bag as a gift and it came in a huge dustbag. I thought the dustbag was some type of extra travel sac or something. ROFLMAO!!! I never stored the bag in there. And i used the dustbag to put other things inside. LOL. That was like 8 or 9 years ago. LOL. I didnt know better.:roflmfao:

    Now I try to make a better effort to keep everything in its place.
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
    A friend of mine did that, before she met me!! I was like totally shocked. She thought that the dustbag was for make-up and stuff...seriously:lol:
  10. either it's a typo,or she wants people to bid and not buy it now.:confused1:

  11. LOL:roflmfao::roflmfao:
    Yup. Sounds like me. LOL. No one told me. :nogood:
    I had to learn it on my own. Of course I was a student back then so maybe my "youth" could be used as an excuse......LMAO:roflmfao:

    Growing up my mother never bought designer bags that came w/ a dustbag so I didnt even know that purses should be stored in dustbags. LOL.

    Its funny to me now.....can you imagine if you were out and about and saw a lady carrying a Chanel dustbag as a purse or travel bag. LOL.
  12. I guess perhaps I baby my bags too much... my bf always made fun of me because it takes me like 15mins to unwrap the bag and load my belongings. And after a long day I go home and it takes me twice as long to unload my belongings and wrap it back up. LOL!

    Usually if the seller is selling a bag without the auth card + dustbag I wouldn't look twice at it. But for that bag she can keep the dustbag and card for all I care. That bag is gorgeous!
  14. Since she already had 3 offers and still havn't change the price.Idoubt whether 19990 is the price she actually asks for. If I have that money, I'd rather buy a new one which is as classic as it.