Did they ever make vernis in black/charcoal?

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  1. :confused1:

    That would be HOT
  2. No but they made the matt line in black.
  3. they made vernis in black
  4. If I'm not mistaken... there is a line [not sure what it's called] but it's Damier and Vernis. There was a color from this line that I thought was black, but it's dark blue. This bag is called the Damier Vernis Club bag, discontinued as of 2000, if I'm not mistaken.

  5. ^^^yep, no vernis in black...except the fleurs bag :smile:
  6. Im mistaken sorry :Push: LOL :smile:
  7. Yes what John says is true. The line is called damier vernis.
  8. They also made some OP ART bags in black, right?
  9. AFAIK, yep. I think there are even some up on eBay at the moment
  10. there was a vernis in black .... actually mini vernis would be accurate :smile:
  11. mini vernis = anouchka
  12. Black vernis would definitely be HOT!