did they ever make a wristlet in this skinny combo? khaki/tabacco

  1. I've always wanted this skinny, but now with the MJ one I bought recently, I feel like I wouldn't use that enough. I'm still trying to convince myself to buy the lurex one as well lol. But did/will they have the small wristlet in this? If only this and the lurex came in the smaller wristlet, I'd get them both!! This is the only khaki signature combo I LOVE.
  2. there is a wristlet for this. but you can hardly see, it's mostly the signature fabric..

  3. I totally missed that! I'd love for it to have more of that warm tobacco leather though. Do you think they will make anything like this in the future? Like the other ones they have now with the leather in the corners but in khaki/tobacco.
  4. ^ i love that wrislet but i wish it had the leather corners too!
  5. i doubt it, because i noticed that without the corner leather it's usually a small c's (older versions had the leather, including my black and white one) but it's the big C's that have leather corners.

    and right now the three new colors, i should say four since dark brown was added, with the soho line, all the accessories come in small C's.

    it's the hamptons signature that come in the larger C, with the leather corner, e.g. the chestnut/khaki or the exclusive to accessorie line, khaki with crimson patent trim or khaki with gold trim...

    hey. i just figured that out. lol. hampton's accesories are larger C's. soho is smaller.

    that and tobacco, the color, comes and goes.
  6. I have the tobacco leather and I have the matching mini. MINE is all leather though. it does not have the signature C's.