Did they ever made a Cherry Blossom Address Barcelet?

  1. I saw one on eBay but the pictures are too blurry to figure out if it is fake or not. I have asked for more pictures

    But my question is, did they ever made a cherry blossom address bracelet
    I did a search on TFP but didn't find any pictures and such..
  2. Yes; they DID make a Cherry Blossom Address Bracelet;however, it's not what you think. It doesn't have the cherry Blossom pattern on it. (Does that make sense?) They made a brown mono one with a little bow on it, and a pink one with a little bow on it. Neither of them have any blossoms, petals, or anything on them.
  3. thank you! Now i just have to wait for better pictures and see if it is real or not