Did they ever change the quality or design/ materials of the zippy coin purse ?

Aug 12, 2006
Did they ever change the quality or design/ materials of the zippy coin purse?
Just wondering if its better to get the old preowned wallet or a new 2020 version ?
what are your thoughts of the quality decline and if there’s any changes in materials?


Mar 14, 2020
I can’t speak to older quality, but I have a 2019 ZCP in DE with the pink ballerine interior, and its very well made.
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Sep 25, 2006
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I have the fluo pink graffiti one from 2007-8? and although the canvas has held up well, the zipper stitching loosened up on one end to the point where I can't pull the zipper without risk of pulling more stitching out. Since this has occurred, I have stayed away from any zippered wallet from LV........now I just use card cases and other brands for coins pouch.


May 18, 2014
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I have owned 10 ZCPs ranging from my first one (made in 2008, bought preowned in excellent condition) to newer ones (including a couple bought new this year and last year). I just compared my 2008 canvas one to my 2020 canvas one and didnt really see any difference personally. I am not hard on my SLGs though (like I wouldn’t randomly throw it in a gym bag :lol:). I did have an issue with a canvas one from 2013 where maybe I overstuffed it and the fabric near the end of the zipper came loose (I parted with that one). I don’t think you can go wrong with either new or preowned.