Did they change the size of the Work from '05?

  1. I just received my '05 Caramel Work (very happy, BTW) and I swear it's considerably smaller than my '07 Work. Am I crazy:shrugs: ?
  2. I thought the same thing too when I got my Teal 05. I compared it to my RH Anthracite Work and actually they were the same size but the Teal had been worn in to a sublime slouch that made it look smaller. Overall, the dimension seemed the same.
  3. Never notice that since i only own the 05 work before....i tot the dimensions shld be the same.....:smile:
  4. I agree with cracker- the same thing happens to me whenever I try on bbags at stores. They seem so much bigger than my old bags and it's all down to the slouch, which I prefer 100% btw.
  5. Ok, here is '05 and '07 pics for comparison. Tell me I'm not just seeing things and that the '05 looks considerably smaller on all sides:
  6. Funny, I was just thinking the 05 looks bigger!:nuts:
  7. U are absoluut right send that baby to me in Holland.
    What a lovely catch, congrats Stylefly.
    Hugs FX:heart:
  8. I still think it has to do with the leather... Btw:
    - great slouch on your caramel
    - I love your green dress! :nuts:
  9. It's the slouch. See how the handles pull up on the leather and the sides cave in..........it's divine. I want one just like it!:yes:
  10. you re so funny fxvanleeuwen:roflmfao: