Did the turnlock faridah come in cordovan rop

  1. anybody here have this bag bin this color..tia
  2. yes, i'm pretty sure it did. i don't have it, but it's a great color.
  3. i would love to gawk at that picture actually :p
  4. I've already seen faridah in poppy, but never ir cordovan!

    I've already seen Heidi, Mimi and Quinn in cordovan!
  5. Interesting. I've seen the Heidi, Mimi, Quinn, Teri and Baby bag in Cordovan but I have yet to see the Faridah in Cordovan or at least it hasn't pop up on eBay! :shame:
  6. Yes! I've forgotten to mention Teri and Baby bag! They were made in cordovan colour, too!
  7. Interesting thing is ..i checked the MJ website and its there..but i have not seen one in any of the online sites???
  8. The turnlock faridah was made in cardovan. They sold out pretty quick. I'm pretty sure that the softy faridah didn't come in cardovan though.
  9. ^ I don't think any of the Softy line bags came in Cordovan either. Only the Turnlock line.
  10. online stores don't usually carry everything that mj or mbmj releases during a single season. they'll usually order styles in black and white. those are the two colors you can always count on, thereby, being the easiest to find. i never saw it online either not even at Zappos and their mbmj selection is second to none e-tailer wise. perhaps you can try calling a mbmj boutique and see if there are anymore available company-wide?