did the timeless caviar clutch go up in price?

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  1. i thought the timeless caviar clutch was $895....but when i looked at my statement, i was charged $995 for it at Saks. was there a recent price increase on this? :confused1:
  2. Yea, I believe the timeless caviar clutch was included in the increase
  3. which increase was this? the febuary 1st one?
  4. The price of the clutch didn't go up on Feb. 1st, so it must've gone up on April 1st... :shrugs:
  5. i saw the timeless clutch in caviar at Saks beverly hills on thursday and it was $895. did you get yours in lambskin?
  6. no....i got it in caviar. so you saw it this past thursday and it was still $895? i wonder why i was charged $995 for it.....
  7. I bought mine for $895 last month in white caviar. When I preordered it, my SA told me that the white would be $100 more than the black one, so it would cost me $995. But when it arrived, she charged me $895. By the way, I got it from NM.

    I think the price of this cluth has gone up now as it should have gone up since Feb 1st but it didn't.
  8. I just got a timeless clutch on Friday, and I was also charged $995. I assumed it was because of the price increase.
  9. yup there was a price increase on the clutch.. but some SA would be willing to charge u the old price :yes:
  10. I bought a black caviar clutch on April 2nd from NM and it was $895.
  11. I think so..I heard some of the chanel bag had some increase !!
  12. When I called my SA from Saks about 2 weeks ago, she said she was just in the middle of changing all the tickets and the clutch was one of them. But every store seems to be different these days with regard to increases.
  13. yep, all timeless clutch did go up in price, i had started a thread about this, but i think it was merged to another one.
  14. Yes, the price of the caviar clutch did increase to $995 - but it was a very recent increase so some stores may still be changing prices. The lambskin and patent leather clutches should have increased in price as well.:yes: