Did the sig med duffle come in black/white?

  1. I have been online, to the boutiques and to all the department stores in my area. I love the medium signature duffle, but I wear mostly black and not brown. The black on black is too plain and too similar to other styles I own, but the chestnut/khaki is not a color combination that would coordinate well with my wardrobe.

    Did this bag ever come in the black/white signature fabric like the cap-toe sneakers does/did? Is it just sold out everywhere? I cannot imagine that is the case, as I've never seen anyone wearing it.

    Last, what might be a better substitute for a shoulder bag that isn't so plain, but also isn't brown? Perhaps the denim, even though it has lighter brown straps? Or would the chestnut/khaki bag look fine with black clothing and I'm just being freaky-matchy?
  2. whatever you find in black/white, let me know! my friend refused to buy a bag today because she HAD to have black/white and no one had any.
  3. I understand her pain! I can't understand why other things - specifically the cap-toe sneakers and the signature clogs - would have come in the black/white signature if the bags didn't!
  4. black and white series did come out briefly. it came in the signature satchel with side pockets, the large and small hobo, the large and small tote with side pockets, the small flap, and it can be ordered in the duffle with buckles last i checked (only though coach stores, not online, and it is not in outlet this version)

    people missed out, it's a special edition color and sold pretty quick too
  5. Thank you, ms-whitney. You are an invaluable source of information!

    I have seen the small flap, the totes with the side pockets and the hobos. Of course, none of those styles were what I wanted!

    But I spent a lot of time in the Coach boutique this afternoon, and the Legacy collection is growing on me. I have a feeling that I may end up going that way instead of the duffle. They are so rich and the quality is so obvious when you hold them and see them in person, that it really adds to the appreciation of them. Plus, they are far less common in this area, and I'd like something a little bit special.
  6. Hmm I Love The Denim =]