did the SA get the price wrong??

  1. i was in taipei for vacation over Christmas week, and happened to chance upon a Lesportsac boutique at the Taipei 101 mall. i walked in to browse and saw a perfect citta rosa zucca - what a rare find! the placement is lovely, with the adult girls and all the cute characters showing nicely on the front/back sides.

    i took up the bag and turned to ask the SA for the price... and she said it's NT$8,850!
    i did a mental conversion and nearly fainted! (almost US$273) this wasn't a 2nd-hand shop or resale store, it's an authentic Lesportsac boutique in a reputable shopping mall (ie. they should be selling all items are pre-fixed LSS pricing)... i had no idea tokidoki is THAT expensive in taiwan *gasp*

    or did the SA tell me the wrong price?
    anyone bought their tokidokis in taiwan? what's the price for a regular zucca?
  2. I'm not surprised it's that expensive there. Tokidoki in Japan is like that too.
  3. you also have to take in the fact that tax is included in the price! but yes, my balenciaga bought in taipei was considerably more than priced in the states also
  4. Well, US is said to be the lowest pricing for LeSportsSac. This is especially so for Tokidoki range.
  5. I've been to that store as well in Taipei and they are priced way over retail. Probably cuz they had to import it over from the US and it's in 101 which is like a really expensive designer touristy mall. I can't remember exactly since I went April 07 but I think a bambino was around $200 CDN there.
  6. That sounds like some of the eBay prices for those Buy It Now. I think that sounds accurate considering it's international, but that's so much! I appreciate the USD prices haha..
  7. thanks for all your replies.
    wow, i always thought tokidokis in singapore are considered very pricey, and i kinda assumed the price-range would be similar in taiwan. didn't expect it to be even higher.

    yea, US is still the best place to buy tokidokis, especially during sales and at the outlets :smile: