Did the reissue camera bag go on sale?

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  1. Hi there,
    Does anyone know if the large reissue camera bags went on sale recently? If anyone has seen a large grey one, could you please PM me? :tender:
    Thanks in advance:smile:
  2. Not in Canada, no, they didn't.
  3. Thanks Cyndee. I've pretty much given up on finding things here. Thank goodness Michigan is just across the border:P
  4. Thanks for the information Mon. As usual, I was a little too late:crybaby:
  5. Don't feel bad. I think only 2 PF'ers were lucky enough to get them on sale at BG. So you're in good company with the rest of us who have to pay full price. :sweatdrop:
  6. Yeah, but :girlsigh: it's a 3 1/2 hour drive for me each way. :sad:
  7. Don't despair! Let me tell you a piece of good news. The Surpique camera bag looks exactly the same as the 2.55 camera bag at 2/3 of the price. So perhaps you can watch out for that?
  8. ^ Hi Miffy, oouuu.... the Surpique camera cases sounds nice, do you prefer them to the vintage reissue tote from Fall? Approx how much are the S camera cases in USD?

    I bought the grey reissue tote on sale for around $1600 and I don't know if I should return it for the Surpique camera cases. I'm afraid if I return it and don't like the S bags, I will have forfeited that super deal :shrugs:.

    Do the S cam cases look the same quality as the reissue totes? TIA!
  9. hmmm...that's interesting. Why is is so much cheaper? I'd love to see a pic. I'm seriously considering getting the large black camera case w/gold hardware, but if the suprique looks the same, maybe I'll wait.
  10. Wow, the Surpique camera case looks great! Maybe there is hope for me yet:wlae:
  11. Well "goingintodebt", if you manage to get the grey 2.55 camera bag for $1,600, then there's no point returning it because Surpique does not come in grey and although it's cheaper, it's not $1,600!!!!! The leather is also not distressed, it's vintage. I have no idea of the price in USD but in euro it's 1,830.

    I think it's cheaper because the lining is not leather - it's cloth. And perhaps the leather too? Surpqiue is vintage calf whereas the fall 2.55 is distressed lambskin/calf (???). How Chanel prices its goods is still a mystery to me. :shrugs: The Lady Braid flap is such a wonderful bag and it's SO cheap!!!!!
  12. Does anyone know, which colors will be avail. in the large Surpique camera bag? TIA
  13. ^^I'd love to know this as well N! I really want the large black camera case, but if I can get the surpique for less money, then I'll wait.