Did the Post already deliver Le Monde 2007 - Vol I?

  1. I didn't get mine yet. Just wondering if distribution only hit NY (oops Alaska) so far. Thanks!
  2. I got mine about 10 or so days ago. I'm really nowhere near the east coast of Alaska.
  3. I got mine last week.
  4. picked up one from the store, none in the mail yet!
  5. I received mine last week...
  6. Ugh! I guess it's time to pay the boutique a visit...

    Pooh, this is the first time I was skipped.:shrugs:
  7. I need to call my Yeti mine hasn't come in the mail yet.
  8. About 2 weeks ago, but I am in the 'Alaska' region.
  9. Got mine last week.
  10. Got mine in the mail from Deep South Alaska...last week
  11. Just got mine.
    Cannot wait to see the be-bop in person.
  12. Haven't received one yet...but I'm hopeful! :smile: