Did the Panda line have a round coin case?

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  1. Thanks in advance for your knowledge :smile:
  2. Yes but I think it was only for sale in Japan and very rare
  3. Agreed with Iheartcouture. Thehuangfamily has one on eBay... it looks great. :nuts:
  4. Oh I love that! But there is no way I would pay that for it.
  5. Yup....but very expensive...I gave up my hopes of finding a cheap one :sad:
  6. I'd rather buy a bag for that price!
  7. Ok, am I blind...can't find the auction? Can someone give me the auction number?
  8. Maybe it's just me....but I think that that's WAYYYYYYY overpriced!
  9. Ah Ah LoL :roflmfao: DOES IT COME WITH A FREE BAG? $899 for a coins purse lol OMG
  10. i have one before.. i pay for $500 ( i cant remember the exact amount) Ausie..my fren help me to get it form Japan including shiping.
    For 899??? i think it a bit too much... HAHAHHAHHA
  11. That is so cute but I'd rather have a bag instead.
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