Did the older bags have the hardware on the bottom?


frou frou
Feb 28, 2006
It has to do with the style, not the color :smile:

The City doesn't have feet, the PT from a/w 2008 and after don't have feet, also the Day doesn't.

On the other hand the Work and Weekender do.

I can't help with other styles, like the Midday, Brief, Step etc because I'm not that interested in them and don't own any.


balenciaga lover
May 1, 2008
I saw a girl carrying a GSH bag. The color was so beautiful. Granted that it wasn't fake, the silver with the color of the bag was amazing!!!!

It was a blue-ish color.

I was in between on GH or RH but now I think I want GH...

Any stand out blues from the past season that had hardware on the bottom of the bag?


Mar 1, 2006
The giant works have had hardware (feet) on the bottom throughout all the years the giant hardware work has been in production.

The giant part time had feet up until spring of 2008. From the fall 08 season onward, there have been no feet on the giant part time.

The giant cities don't have feet, so you either saw a work or part time.

As for color, anthracite and plomb are both dark grey with blue undertones. Marine and officier are on the navy side. All of these colors look amazing with GSH! There are other blues with GSH that are lighter in tone, but these four are standouts with the silver.


Apr 18, 2006
GH Work or PT came out in 2007. Bal stopped making PT with feet since 2008 F/W, but Giant Work has feet all the time. If you want a Giant Part Time, you only have 2007 S/S, 2007 F/W and 2008 S/S to choose from.

Among those three seasons, the blues have Aquamarine, French Blue and Electric Blue. My guessing the one you saw was Electric Blue with SGH. That is the most beautiful stand out blue combo Bal ever made IMO.