Did the Miu Miu satchel (bow) ever come in Red?

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  1. or any other shade of red, or a reddish tone? I love a bag I found but I'm not sure if miu miu ever made this bag in such a color, or perhaps it was a short-run creation, etc? Thanks so much! I joined this forum bc everyone seemed so knowledgeable and while I LOVE designer bags, I can be a bit clueless about them! :sad:

    Thanks in advance so much!!!!!
  2. No, I don't think it comes in red. I have the large one in dark brown and love it. I have only seen it in dark brown, light brown and black.
  3. It also comes in navy blue and cream-colored nappa. I saw both colors at Saks.
  4. I've never seen it in red, but would that ever be beautiful!!!
  5. agh! I wish I knew for sure! :sad: The one I found looks real to me but I'm not a miu miu expert I just loooove this bag.

    boo. thanks so much to all who responded though! :smile:
  6. I wish someone would buy the blue one and post pics...Would love to see that...
  7. yeah :-/ aghhhh I hate being on a student budget! On second thought, I'd rather not see it for that reason :X
  8. I wish I had taken the pics for you. I've seen it in Saks Boston, and it's just GORGEOUS. I love it. Wish I have the budget