Did the Manhattan PM ever have a red interior similar to...

  1. the ones fond in Damier or Monogram Vive-Citi bags?

    I just saw someone with the PM, she had her bag open on a bench and it had red interior. :confused1: I remember the interior being tan colored. Her bag looked real and it had a nice patina.

    Was it red and now they make the interior tan?
    I am curious. I love this bag and plan to get a gently used one. TIA
  2. Not that I know of..all of the Manhattans I've ever seen have had the beige alcantara.
  3. I agree with Reb... all of the Mahattan's I've seen have being alcantra lining.

    The bag the girl had was probably fake. :s
  4. yup I agree..beige alcantra..
  5. Yes totally agree never saw one with red only the beige Alcantara.
  6. Beige !
  7. I agree with the other posters that it's only the beige aclantra
  8. Here's a pic:


    Hope that helps.
  9. ^ITA everyone. Beige Alcantara!