Did the LV store give me the wrong pair of bubble earrings??? Please help

  1. just came home with the set of new bubble earrings---the set has 2 pairs (one in a dark pink and one a light pink)----the colors are very similar but they have different "patterns" inside---ie: one has the flower shape, one is a diamond etc. I'm trying to match each pair up separately but nothing is matching----i have 3 different shapes. And when I try to match two that have the same shape, the colors are different!!!

    Sorry--this is probably confusing---but for those who own a set, can you please look at yours and tell me what you see or post some pics.

    Many thanks!!!1
  2. Nope, that's how they're suppose to be :smile:
  3. Can you post some pics??

    I think suppose to be like that..
  4. It's supposed to be like that! :smile:
  5. There's nothing wrong. That's the way they were designed. Don't ask me why...:confused1:
  6. YES that's the way they're supposed to be
  7. o really??? oh ok...so am I suppose to match them by color or shape or it doesn't really matter? I'm looking at the LV website at the earrings and I have the berry color (I think)---well regardless, three of the four have the shapes shown on the site (flower and 4 pointed star) but then I also have one that is diamond shaped

    sorry---no pics---the digi camera is outta order---I wish it worked---this is so hard to explain in words...lol!

    thanks everyone for helping!!!
  8. I think matching them by color was the intention.
  9. ITA! lets see pics of your new beauties!
  10. I think they're meant to be paired up by color...however, you can do whatever you like lol it really doesn't matter....hmmm...come to think of it....in terms of math, you can have a total of 6 combos!!! whooohoo! lol that's like 40$ per combo (~240$/6)! those earrings are a STEAL! lol

    ya....sorry i'm a NERD :biggrin:

  11. hahah---that's a great point CEC.LV4eva----I didn't know I was getting 2 pairs actually till I was paying---the SA pulled out a new set and I think she was surprised herself!!!

    Thanks everyone for such quick responses---I feel a lot better now that I know they should be like that! They look pretty good on...do kinda wish the two colors weren't so similar though...o well, still :heart: them!
  12. Yeah one has the pointy star and one has the rounded flower..my rings are like this also. :smile:
  13. Let's see some pics!
  14. I have the same bubble earrings that you just purchased and they are supposed to be like that.
  15. weird...I can't wait to see pics...