Did the Lambskin Wallets go up in Price also ????

  1. anyone know? I was thinking of getting another one - checkbook style - that a month ago was $545 ... wonder if it is still the same ???
  2. When I called to order my Jumbo Flap the SA said she has a matching wallet in caviar. And that it was going up in price too. I'm not too sure. I think it depends on the style?? I just know the one she offered me was going up but I had no idea what it looked liked so I had to pass on it.
  3. Thanks! I think I will call NM tomorrow and just have one sent since they supposedly haven't raised their prices yet ....
  4. Oh yeah I forgot they hadn't raised the prices yet!
  5. yeah, NM apparently still has the "old" price tags on most of their stuff so i hope you can find your wallet there, queenv! (hope you don't mind me calling you that, hehe!)

  6. LOL! not at all :p

    I would love to take a ride to NM today and get one but it is below ZERO in Chicago today :yucky: so I may just pay for shipping ...