Did the L'Affriolant come in white (blanc)???

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  1. I poked around the forum for awhile and could only find, plum and gold references here and I know it comes in black because I have one but I'm wondering was this bag produced in white...anyone know?
  2. Yes, it released in White, Blue, Black and Plum :smile:

    My mommy has in white.

    I madly keen Blue and White colors but never found in reasonable price.
  3. My LV SA has it in plum and it is TDF!!! I love it!
  4. Still can't believe this bag was never popular- the shape is much more practical than most of the other Suhali styles.
  5. Thanks for all your help ladies! Sorry I've been away and have not replied earlier. Guess my quest to find one begins NOW! :biggrin: Wish me luck!!!