Did the department stores not carry the red caviar flaps this year?

  1. I called both Saks and Neimans and they said they never ordered the red in the classic flaps at all.

    Is that true!?
  2. No. Both NM and Saks had the jumbo caviar size and Saks even got a few of the medium size from what I've heard here.
  3. I purchased my red caviar from Saks.
  4. What size and when?
  5. Both Saks & NM had the JUMBO size in red caviar, no medium-sized flaps. AFAIK only 2 boutiques here in the US got a "surprise" shipment of ~4 pieces (in total) of the medium-sized caviar flaps. Boutiques also had the red caviar flap in jumbo & East-West.
  6. the red caviar came out in spring this year.
  7. Some Chanel boutiques did not even get them.
  8. :confused1:Seems odd that stores didn't order them when ladies are still nuts to have red jumbos....
  9. Chanel loves to do that. :graucho:
  10. hahahaha...I bet they do, being the French rascals they are.:p