Did the denim pleaty ever come in...

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  1. Pink?? Or its always been the classic blue ? TIA:smile:
  2. Just classic blue
  3. Anyone ?? :smile:
  4. Thanks pinkiwhatever99, good to know! I would so have loved it 1000x more in pink but blue is beautiful too!
  5. Only blue :sad: I think it would looks so cute in the pink and green.
  6. ITA! :nuts:
  7. The mini pleaty came in pink though!?! I love the mini pleaty!

  8. Yeah i was first interested in the mini pleaty and had never even SEEN the regular pleaty and the other someone had a thread about choosing an mc speedy or the pleaty i was like hmm what is this bag...i clicked on the picture and it was :heart: at first sight! Too bad its so $$$ for denim...ill get one used of ebay probably...thanks, as always, for your help tPfers!
  9. The pleaty was the first Denim bag I bought :heart: It's so versatile and fits much more than the mini pleaty!