Did the Chevron come in pink?

  1. Yes I have seen it in pink before. :yes:
  2. Yes, and I want one!
  3. The Chevron Hobo does come in pink and Katrynar has one. She loves it alot!
  4. yay!!! i dooooo but its soooo hard to clean and i cant wear it as much anymore :sad:
  5. I want one SO bad!!!
  6. There was a wristlet, too!
  7. I hope a tPF-er that wanted it got it! :tup:
  8. Me too! I had been watching this auction but decided not to bid because I figured I'd let her go for it. I hope she won it!
  9. Wow. That went for a good price.
  10. It did! It was almost painful not to bid. :girlsigh:
  11. WOW someone got a killer deal on that Chevron!! I should have bid :p
  12. Darn, I was hoping it was YOU!! lol.
  13. Yes, the pink was made for the factory stores.