Did the Black Halo Jackie O dress change?

  1. I bought a black Halo Jackie O dress last year, and it came with no lining and a belt and the sizes run XS,S, M and L. This year I noticed that the dress has lining, zippers that show, no belt and differnt fabric, and the sizes run 0,2,4 and so on. Are the new dresses better since they now have lining, or do you think the old style is more flattering? How about the sizes?
    Please give me your opinion. Thanks!
  2. Thank you for posting this! I've been wondering the exact same thing. I have a black Jackie O with a belt and without lining in a medium. I really want to purchase another Jackie O, but now I'm not sure how the sizing runs. The ones that were XS,S,M,L ran about a half size small and now I want to know if the ones that are 0,2,4,6 run TTS or if they're a little on the small side like the other.. or if the different fabric content will affect the fit. I couldn't find any reviews online so hopefully someone will have some input.
  3. I tried on size 2 and it seems close to a small size . I only tried it on briefly once in the department store, so I have I can't give any details of how it compares to the original dress. It seems like the old one is more form fitting but not sure if it just feels that way since the new dress has lining. Can any one give details?
  4. The main changes with the Black Halo Jackie O dress are the change from XS- L to 0-8 and there are also two different belts- one with a magnet and another with an actual buckle. I think Black Halo tried out the magnet buckle with the Jackie O last year, then switched back to the buckle. In addition most of the dresses now coming with the lining. The Jackie O runs pretty TTS, so the 0=XS, 2=S etc. The dress with the exposed zipper is not a Jackie O, it's the Maureen dress and it fits like a dream. I think this dress fits even better than the Jackie O and hugs the right curves beautifully. Hope this helps! :smile: