Did the Beauty Cases ever hit the Outlets?

  1. Did these ever make it to the outlets? If they have either I didnt notice or my outlet has disappointed me again and just isnt going to get them. I see the leather and microfiber beauty cases in there all the time but never the signatures ones.


  2. I was at the outlets a few weeks ago and I THINK yes...but not sure. I have to go back to return something for my mom so I can check
  3. Thanks uhkiwi! Let me know.
  4. I see those on ebay a lot with outlet tags, and since they're more or less constantly in production I bet they go to the outlets in waves. I think they just make small adjustments to this design every season or so. If you have the model number on hand you can call around to your local outlets and ask if they have them in stock.
  5. Thanks kezza! I just recently learned outlets take orders over the phone. I never even knew that. At least, I think they do right? Or do they just hold things for you?
  6. If outlets take orders over the phone-please let me know.
  7. My understanding is that ONLY the outlet in Vegas gets signature items...
  8. I've never heard of an outlet taking an order over the phone. Which one was this?
  9. I'd love to know as well...It will help me out alot considering the closest ones to me are leesburg & williamsburg which is about an hour to 2 away.
  10. Yeah, my two closest outlets are 3 and 4 hours away, and I don't have a car! I'd love to be able to order from them by phone.
  11. My outlet in Northern California gets signature items. :yes:
  12. For all the ladies who were wondering if outlets take phone orders -

  13. Rub it in why don't ya!:roflmfao:
  14. From what I've heard, outlets take phone orders, but you have to pay the full retail price that you would pay in the regular Coach store. Not really worth it unless it's a seasonal item that you missed out on.
  15. I haven't been to my coach outlet up here in nj for a while but on one of my trips to FL i was in the outlet down there and they had these but in brown... i was not aware only certain outlets got signature print.. all the ones i have been in have had it