Did the Ali come in this color combo or is it a FAKE?!?!

  1. Yes, it did come in that combo....
  2. Yes, I remember when it came out-lots of people jumped on it.
  3. I have it, love it

  4. Oh ya that is such a pretty color combo!
  5. Yep, it did! :yes:
  6. I think I have to have it now. How much does a Ali hold?
  7. A LOT! :yes: But honestly I don't like the way this one looks. It just looks off to me. I'd post in the authenticate this thread
  8. Yes I have one also.
  9. An Ali holds a good amount. It's a great bag! It's not BIG but I get everything in it that I need like my long wallet, wristlet, sunglasses, phone, assorted "stuff" and my diabetic supplies.
  10. Ali's are pretty big. I'd say they're almost twice as big as the current legacy shoulder bags. Or maybe half again as big as a Leigh? Something like that...
  11. Oops. Forgot to give a contents list to give you an idea of size. When I carried it yesterday I had a a legacy slim envelope, cell phone, large PDA, large iPod, keys, holiday patchwork wristlet, sunglasses, pens and assorted papers, and a large paperback book and STILL had plenty of room to spare. And I wasn't even using the front pocket at all. So yeah, plenty big for most people. :tup:
  12. I think I need a little Ali in my life. My twins could use a new leather sister right? lol
  13. Ali is a great bag!

    I love mine, it holds a ton and still looks fabulous doing it!