Did Tano produce this style bag??

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  1. Duh!! Nevermind. I just found it by typing the style number on the Tano website. It's a cute bag. What are your thoughts on this particular style? Thanks ; )
  2. When I clicked your link, the page said "this item is no longer available." So, which bag are you asking about?

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    Last edited: Oct 10, 2010
    It's the Spend Thrift Tano in Blue Eyes. I went ahead and bought it last night on Rosie True. It was on sale for $67 plus shipping : ) Link wouldn't show pic so I copied/pasted the pic. See below post ; )
  4. tano.jpg
  5. Pretty bag and amazing price! I always check Rosie True from time to time. I got my Favorite Bookend there for $134.

  6. Just my luck! Received an email from Rosie True saying they cancelled my order for the Spend Thrift Tano because it wasn't available! ARGHHH!!
  7. missypoo, if you want that bag there are two things you can do:

    Call or e-mail Tano directly; they are VERY helpful and they'll send you a list of the retailers that got it for you to call & check around. Here is Tano's phone number: 914 241 0628

    Or, call MHB and ask them if they can special order it for you, and if they can they will get it in just for you. Here is the MHB phone number: 1-888-TANO-BAG (1-888-826-6224)
  8. Thanks Beeb! I'm actually looking on a different Tano bag (hehe). The Sister Style in Smog. The color looks TDF : )
  9. The Sister Style!!! Yes!! I saw this bag at Bloomie's in brown sugar, and of course tried it on. Great bag :yes:
  10. Ooohh!! I would love to see modeling pics of the Sister Style : ) I did a search and came up with nada, so I posted a message to MHB on FB asking if she would post some pics and she said SOON. Is it a small bag riry?
  11. missypoo- it's not a small bag at all. I think the modeling pic on the rosietrue site is fairly accurate. Small bags aren't my thing... that's why I never considered this bag when I browsed through MHB. But when I saw it at Bloomie's, I was pleasantly surprised by its size. It's definitely a comfortable, medium-sized bag.
  12. Another DUH moment on my part...I didn't even see that pic on the rosie true site LOL I love that bag and I have to have it! I'm going to order it tonight :graucho:

  13. What color??
  14. Smog :tup: