Did Stam go up in price??

  1. I've been reading about folks on here getting their Stam for $1200-$1300 but I see them Elux for $1500?
  2. Depends on the stam's style. I see two on elux right now for less than 1500. The patchwork ones are more expensive.

    Also, we just came out of a sale season.
  3. Thanks for the answer Purly. I see a Stam for 1200 but that's for the hobo though, I like the regular one. I do have my eye on the patchwork too, either in Ivory or black. I don't know which one...

    Plus I read about it being quite heavy so now I'm even more torn.
  4. I believe the quilted Stams are $1350, the patchwork Stams are $1550, and the metallic patchwork Stams are $1650.
  5. thanks a lot :smile:
  6. I think the stam goes up in price every year. they first started out at $1200 and now the price goes up to $1350. I heard it is because of the popularity. And the patchwork stam as mentioned is more expensive at about $1550.
  7. The newest stams with the coated woven fabric and ostrich trim are also $1550 or so. They're actually quite nice!