Did something stupid!

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  1. Bought from a seller with no feedback! Luckily I haven't given any money yet ... here's what happened.

    So, I found a purse on ebay, the pictures are definately of an authentic purse and it's cheap ($150). The photos have a date stamp of the day the auction started, and the same couch is used for all of her auctions (she had a lower end purse and a pair of shoes). Member since 2005, just no activity (checked goofbay). I figure the lady is just trying to get rid of some stuff and she only accepts paypal, so I can file a claim if it's a bait & switch, etc. I even took screenshots of the original auction to compare. The $150 in limbo with paypal a couple of months was a risk I was willing to take.

    I wanted to automatically pay through paypal last night when it ended, but there was no shipping info, so I asked for an invoice. The seller, in broken English, tells me they only accept money orders. Uh ... no? I'm not going to send someone with no feedback a money order. I've been on ebay 7 years, I'm not stupid. They didn't even give me an address to send to even if I wanted! I basically sent them an email saying that I only pay through paypal for buyer protection, and since they have no feedback, I must insist on using it. If they are unable to do so, they should relist, etc. etc. since they said they accept paypal in the auction.

    Anyways, don't yell at me for buying from someone with no feedback. I knew it could backfire on me (and did!). Just wanted to vent!
  2. You did the right thing by insisting on PayPal, and no one is going to yell at you. Everyone selling on EBay once had no feedback. I've bought from zero-feedback sellers before and it's worked out fine. And someone trusted me when I was a zero-feedback seller too!
  3. anotheremptysky, i hope it works out.
    you're right to trust your instincts and insist on Paypal only.
  4. You definitely did the right thing. Sorry to the legit new sellers out there, but there's a lot of scammers around and it always good to be cautious!

    I recently purchased something from a 0 feedback seller. My gut feeling told me that it could be a scam, and so I waited a week before paying. I even requested the seller's contact detail beforehand. I didn't call though - just in case I needed it. The day after I paid, I got an email from ebay telling me they had removed the listing and NARU'd the seller. And surprise surprise the contact detail I got from ebay was fake! I did manage to get some of my money back from ebay with their buyer protection. A few other people, conned by the same seller, lost a lot more than I... The seller stole about $3000 from 11 of us... that's another story.

    So beware of new sellers... I'm sure there's a lot of legit new sellers out there - I've bought from a many. You should always get the seller's contact details from ebay - and check it - before paying!

  5. ITA. :yes:
  6. I don't think you did anything stupid. You tried to get a bargain fully knowing the risks which you didn't take! At least you haven't lost the money :yes:
  7. you did nothing wrong. in fact you are doing the right thing by holding the sellers to the terms listed in their auction.
  8. It wasn't stupid... you never paid her. Good for you.
  9. ^ I agree with everyone here .. its not stupid. Its good that you didnt pay. I'm always tempted to bid on sellers with 0 feedback also but I always forget about the auctions. I wonder if they will reply ...
  10. Thanks guys ... I did feel better, but I just paid through paypal and I was looking at the details afterwards and it says
    (The recipient of this payment is Non-U.S. - Unverified)
    Does this mean if something goes wrong, paypal won't cover it?
  11. You did the right thing but what if that seller is really a sincere first-time seller? I think if you pay using Western Union, you still get eBay protection. Maybe that's a fair way to go?
  12. wise decision dear.

    If they start saying they only accept money if they have paypal its obviously dodgy.

    But this is a bad case. There are zero feedback sellers who are honest and their first time so give these guys a chance.
  13. No. Paypal will not cover it if the seller is unverified. :sad:
  14. That's what I thought. :cursing: Oh well, it was only $150, we'll see what happens!

  15. Good luck my friend...Keep us posted!:Push:
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