Did something stupid today. . .

  1. I left my rain protection kit in the back of a taxi! I wouldn't usually worry, except that I live in a pretty rainy climate and actually have to use it sometimes, especially this time of year (hence the fact that I had it out to begin with).

    Do any of you know how easy it is to get another one?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Very easy. Just call your H store for a replacement.
  3. i guess u could ask ur SA for a replacement.
  4. Your SA can get one for you asap!
  5. Unless your Rain Protection Kit is a larger waterproofed "Hermes" to slip your current bag into when it rains, I'd follow the boards advice. You should be all set.

    On other purse boards, a Rain Protection Kit is usually anything from an empty plastic Walmart bag to an oversized waterproof duffel bag!:yes: Sounds like Hermes keeps all bases covered!
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