Did Something Really Stupid...But Stupidity Paid Off!!!

  1. As much as I love my Grenat City, I could not obsessing over the fact that the tassels had white edges:

    White Tassel Edges.jpg

    I had thought about switching them out for the spare tassels that came with the bag since the spares had darker edges, but they were very wrinkled and crinkley and I could not get them to straighten out, which bothered me even more than the white edges.

    So....I can't even believe I did this, but I IRONED THEM, using steam, holding my breath the whole time I did the first one!! But, IT WORKED, beautifully, and with no harm to the tassels at all!! :yahoo:


    Tassels Before_1.jpg Tassels Before_2.jpg


    Tassels After_1.jpg Tassels After_2.jpg
  2. Good Job.. They look great... Maybe I will try them on mine too..
    I really don't like it when the spare one are all weird..

    Thanks for letting me know.. =)
  3. thank goodness it worked out fine!
  4. Has anyone ever ironed their tassels? I searched and didn't find any info, so I thought I'd share.

    I just recieved a pre-loved twiggy. It is in great condition, but the tassels were all curled and kinky. Since they weren't split, I decided to iron them rather than replace them. Using an iron on low and a thin kitchen towel on top of the tassels, I ironed them and it worked!:tup: They are all straight now and look beautiful. Yay!:yahoo:
  5. That's exactly what I've done in the past. Works beautifully:smile:
  6. Thanks for sharing the excellent advice. I would never have thought of ironing curling tassels.
  7. Thanks for the tip!
  8. Ooh, not brave enough for that one yet. [ ;
  9. i just did this yesterday and now found this thread.
  10. what about a hair iron? I have a GHD iron and wonder if it would be safe for a quick squeeze on my tassels to iron the puffier parts out?
  11. How interesting. I will remember that for future use.
  12. LOL.. Great Tip..
    I have a Vet Gazon thats need ironing..
  13. I will do that tonight with my new-to-me Twiggy!
  14. This is a brilliant tip!