Did something really stupid. Argh!!

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  1. I am so mad at myself right now. I had a gorgeous borough and couldn't wait until spring to start using it. The other day I was walking by a boutique in an upscale town and saw a bag in the window and loved it. No one was in the boutique at the time so I went in and looked at it and tried it on and of course the salespeople told me how amazing it looked on me. So I did something I never do and bought it on impulse. It cost the same as my borough. Well I got it home and realized I couldn't keep both bags so I was going to go back and return it and I looked at the sales slip and it said "ALL sales final". So now I have this bag that I don't love as much as I thought I did and I am boroughless. I am so aggravated with myself!!! So I listed a bunch of things on eBay and am hoping to sell them w/in the week so that I can re-buy my borough. Ugh!!
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    So sorry! So the clerk didn't happen to mention all sales final? Seems like she should have.

    I would do the same. Are you trying to sell the final sale handbag?
  3. Im sorry to hear that. I hate final sales for that same reason and have gotten stuck with stuff too. Would it be possible to resell the bag you're not in love with? I'm sure the burrough will be there for you when you're ready to re-buy her.
  4. Thanks. Everything in the store is a final sale. They don't do any returns because they're a small boutique and you can't return anything. You can do exchanges for 2 weeks. It was just a real stupid move on my part. And now I'm checking ebay every 3 seconds to see if anything is selling. I want my borough back! And to top it all off I was on the coach website and I "talked" with a cs rep and asked if borough bags were still going to be part of the line in the late summer/fall and she said "I don't know". Everything I asked she either said "I don't know" or "no"!!
  5. I agree that she should have said something. And this is the reason I never buy in boutiques!!! I broke my own rule!!
  6. This happened to me the first time I went to the Dooney outlet and I bought two bags. No one mentioned that all sales were final. Ended up selling one of the bags on eBay for a loss. Fingers crossed you sell some bags and get your Borough. Good luck!
  7. Thanks! I'm going to ban myself for everything else just to get the funds to buy my borough back ASAP!!

  8. Did you return the borough after you found out you couldn't return the other bag? Just trying to figure out why you are buroughless after making it home with both.
  9. What a weasel! I'm so sorry you had to part with your precious Borough. :censor: The SA should have made sure you knew the store return policy.

    Which Borough did you have? What bag did you buy at the boutique? What's your ebay handle?
  10. Aw, I hear you! I've been guilty of buying stuff on impulse....but I ALWAYS think that if the store's policy is "All sales are final," they should TELL you that as soon as you hit the counter with your purchase.

    The good news is that many beautiful boroughs are out and still coming out, so you'll have plenty to choose from for a long good while! :smile:
  11. I hate that! Hope you have better luck than me on ebay, my stuff is not moving. On the plus side, if your items sell you can probably buy a Borough with PCE
  12. If you opened a chat and got "I don't know" it's because we are not "cs reps", we're product experts to help people shopping on coach.com, and we are not given information about anything not currently on coach.com. We don't know if items will be around in the future or not, we don't know if prices will increase, etc. etc. etc. :smile:
  13. Which Borough did you buy and return? If it is a medium or large you will now be able to rebuy it for 25% off during PCE so it will cost you less!
    Good luck with your sales effort.:smile:
  14. What bag did you buy at the other boutique?

    Was it from a small-scale leather goods company, or is it a brand/style that people would be inclined to buy from you?
  15. thanks so much for clarifying that! much appreciated...I wasn't sure what the chat was really for...

    I also did call my coach store and they said that the whole borough/capsule collection was excluded from pce and promotions, they said it didn't have to do with what size the bag was...BOO! I would have been able to get it if it was 25% off!!!

    the bag I got is a Carla mancini. it's actually a beautiful bag and I am happy with it, BUT, it's not a borough so it's not total love.... : (