Did someone say COBALT??? :D

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  1. OK, week 4 of my LP obsession and here she is!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I think my collection is complete - for now!!
  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS COLOR!!!! :drool:

    Ok kristinmcd - It's official...I'm jealous!

    Where did you order it from?
  3. OMG, that colour is just... stunning! Congrats!
  4. Gorgeous on you!
  5. THIS BAG IS INSANE!!!! You must, must, must take a picture of the cobalt next to the kelly. This cobalt is gorgeous and gives such a lively pop of color to your outfit. You look great in it!! :tup:
  6. So, tell me about it....is the leather pebbled or smooth?, does this color scratch easily?, does it have streaks?, what do you think of the front pocket w/magnet?, and anything else...lol
  7. The leather is slightly pebbled and unfortch, I found some scratches already on it, so I bet it is more prone to show them. The front pocket is perfect for my iPhone, but I hope that magnet will not cause any issues! I am uploading more pics now.
  8. More pics!! :woohoo:
  9. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    BTW - all these pics were taken with flash b/c it's late here! 'll take some in the daytime tomorrow. :smile:
  10. Kristin, your reveals have been so exciting!! I don't usually notice black bags (not my thing), but I loved your reveal of the black Alex with the rockin' zipper details. And this cobalt bag??? I know it's from last season, and everyone's raving about the new fall/winter gunmetal hardware, but this bag is so refreshing with its contrast of nickel hardware and blue leather. I returned the one new Dylan I ordered because, to me, the gunmetal hardware blended too much into the dark espresso leather. I love a nice contrast, and this bag has it!!!
  11. Aww, thanks! I have not been this excited about a bag designer in years... How come it has taken me 2 years to find out about LP! I need to stop being so close-minded with bags. I have already sold my LV's and am selling my Coach Legacy collection and am really concentrating on bags that I love!!
  12. I ventured away from Coach w/in the last 6 months. I have tried Olivia Harris, Rebecca Minkoff, Botkier, and Linea Pelle. Like you, I just sold my last Legacy piece yesterday...my Lily. I decided to get rid of the bags I rarely carry so I can try out some new ones. I really thought that I was done with Coach, but their Fall line brought me right back. It never ends. lol
  13. What a beautiful color! :nuts: Congrats on your new bag. You're on a roll!
  14. I used to collect only the "high-end" bags (LV, Balenciaga, MJ, etc...) until I realized they didn't really fit my clothing style (or budget... hehe). In short, none of them were "me". Until I found my azure LP Dylan medium tote last year. And the rest is history. I gave ALL those high-enders to my sister and never looked back!!! Kristin, you're going to love and wear these bags until they're frazzled and on their last legs. And you're going to look great in the process!!!