Did someone just win this Day for $31???

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  1. LOL. Talk about a steal!
  2. Ok that's insane! I'm really jealous of whoever won it!
  3. WOW :wtf:
  4. I am so completely jealous because it was on my watch list...
  5. Shocking stuff!
  6. But I feel badly for the seller, who apparently is a TPF'er. Should've put a reserve...
  7. OMG! Where were we? I'm jealous too, but I'm more sympathetic to the seller than I am jealous of the buyer. Can you imagine??? YIKES!:Push:
  8. Agree...better if I don't imagine!! :sad:
  9. There's something weird about this - I was watching this listing and it was around $500 earlier today. I wonder how it went down to $31?
  10. :wtf::faint:
  11. Looking at the bid history it seems that the seller canceled several bids and gave the reason "ending listing." Since the seller didn't cancel ALL bids, I'm guessing the person shown as the winning bidder won, but for a higher amount.

    Just a guess...:confused1:
  12. If you look up the bidding history, the seller cancelled many bids and ended with "Item No Longer for Sale". I don't know why still several bids were left. :confused1:
  13. OMG, I'm so jealous but I feel so badly for the seller. I've seen one of the pics in the reference or clubhouse thread.
  14. sooo...weird.. :shocked:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.