Did someone here win the Rouge City?

  1. Ooooo, pretty!
  2. i think u should wait until u found what u really like, it's such a drag when u already paid for the substitutes, and the next minute ur dream bag shows up...
    beaugoris finally get her DREAM BAG after waiting for some times :P
  3. This is a pretty '05 but they pop up quite often, wait for your dream bag
  4. Loooovvvee the 05 rouge theatre color! But if you are waiting for something else, wait for it, it'll come to you eventually!

    Oh, and congrats to whoever won the rouge theatre city!
  5. I really wanted this one..

    by the time I got hubbys ok to get it, it was gone...boo hoo

    Congrats to who ever won her.. shes is a beauty!!