Did Someone Get the Deal of a Lifetime on Turquoise?

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. looks like teal?
  2. I saw that before the winner bid- but passed! I am CRAZY! Congrats to the winner!
  3. I thought it was teal too!
  4. ummm I don't think it's real - look at the bales, plus the tag says C, It can't be from that season if it has brass hardwares too....
  5. That's what confused me Hatikuh! I couldn't figure the color out and if the hardware was right
  6. Is it real???
    All letter "C"'s have silver hardware (like seafoam).

    I think someone should contact the winner before it is too late....
  7. yeah, are the bales a bit squarish or is it me? :blink:
  8. Yes, that's what I thought, the bales look square & the font/numbers on the plate don't look right..
  9. uh-oh:shocked:
  10. The numbers on the plate look funny too.....And the color?
  11. Yeah, it's fake.
  12. Yikes, expensive fake!
  13. I hope the winning bidder is on PF so she can read this and pull out.
  14. fake probably came from bluefly too!
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