Did someone ever said you are wearing a fake

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  1. when in real you are not??

    Sorry if this post don't go here, but I didn't find where to post it.

    Today, I decided to go to this department store for order the trip tickets (I will pay them on monday) and decided to carry my new roses scarf. I was really happy because it was the first time I wear it and because I love the colors in it.

    My mum doesn't like it a lot because it is too bright, so anyway, people started looking at us specially to my scarf and I heard how this two girls were talking and one said:

    -Ya it is totally fake, LV does not make that design and her Gucci bag(my mum's bag) is also fake.

    I felt like reply something rude like: this is the most closest you will be to LV and Gucci in your life.But I said nothing. I know I am mean but I felt bad, I was happy and returned a little angry
  2. Ouch! That's kinda harsh of the girl to say, you're not mean, honestly I would have said something.
    I have never been asked if my item was fake or over heard a conversation. But, my boyfriend often asks if other girls and sometimes I'm embarrassed.
    But, in your heart you know it's real and you love it!
  3. Well, people never said to me "you'r wearing fake" . But just like you I've been in the same sad situation as you, hearing people comment on your bag something like "that is not real".
    It mostly happen when I am wearing my Shoebag, groom cles or other LE items, since these LV-noobs only think LV produce the mono-line.
    Just like you I feel like I should say somethink right back in their face. But then, I feel sad for them - since they are the ones who are stupid: can't tell what real from what's not :smile:
  4. You bought that bag with your own hard own money and no one had the right to make you feel that way. You did the right thing and kept your comments to yourself. Its unfortunate that the one of girls didn't know what they were talking about. She is just ignorant. If I was here, I would have been drooling over your scarf. Show it off!
  5. I just smile knowing that my items are real.
  6. that were some of the things I though. I have to admit that nobody in my town have the scarf (or at least I think that) because we don't have LV store and like nobody have it I think that will not be the first comment I will hear
  7. What a terrible thing for those girls to say. It just goes to show their ignorance. I like you, would have been upset by their comments but I think you took the upper hand by saying nothing. :yes: I am sure they were just jealous because you looked stunning in your scarf !!!!! :smile:
  8. That's not that rude to say, when I carried my first monogram LV piece to school, I got asked if it was real or told that it was fake all day. When it was around 3 Ithis girl from my class I am not very font off asked me is it real. I was so annoyed by that time I said : "are your boobs real?". Now that was a mean thing to say :S. So I get why you wanted to say somethign when someone comments on something you worked for very hard.
  9. that is really rude!!! i have made up my mind to call people out for being rude.

  10. LMAO that is a quote my bf would say LOL

    thank you shb, everybody is stunning with that scarf!
  11. you mean the girl comment or my thoughs??
  12. -deleted-
  13. of course i meant the girls comments.
  14. Yeah I just felt so down after spending $1200 on a bag and than be tormentet the whole day about it, so I didn't think and just said it but after that nobody from my calss said anything about my bag, but now I don't wear them to school anymore because it gets me in a crappy mood.
  15. Some asked me the other day if my Louis Vuitton was real. I smiled and said yes it is, it is a limited edition (I had my cherry speedy). I was a little bothered by it but maybe the person thought it was a fake because they had never seen an LV with the Cherry's or maybe jealousy. I'm not really sure and don't care. I know my LV is real and that is all that matters to me. I did mention to the person that I feel that buying fakes are a waste or money and determint to the artist who created the desgin.