Did some shopping today

  1. Here is what I picked up today. Now NO MORE till I find a Denim I love!


    Then I fell in love with this keychain


    and all the talk of the Bleeker Capicity Wristlet -- well I own one now and I LOVE IT!

  2. GREAT finds!!!!!! The lurex is always awesome! And that keyfob is TOO cute!!! Love the little bucket hanging on it!!! And the Bleecker wristlet is GORGEOUS!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!
  3. Congrats, the legacy stripe bucket is tooooo cute on the keyfob and I love the Lurex! Bleecker looks great as well!
  4. where did you buy the lurex wristlet? i love it!
  5. I found it at a Department store (Boston Store) also known as Carson's and Bergerners in other states.

    It was 25% off too!
  6. Also got a black skinny mini but might return it. Not to much of a skinny mini fan.
  7. Love it all! I really need something Lurex to add to my collection!

    Enjoy your new things!!
  8. That keyfob is cute! Where did you find it? Do you mind sharing how much it was?
  9. OH I adore theat charm, Congrat's on your shopping day.
  10. Nice loot!

    I remember picking up that keychain at the boutique last April. I ended up selling it, though.
  11. Great find! Congrats.

  12. It was $58 marked down to $28 at Boston Store, Bergerners or Carson's (depending on where you live)
  13. The Ocean Charms are adorable. Congrats!
  14. I love all of it!!!! Congrats!
  15. That charm is adorable!