Did some lucky PF get that Wisteria from Browns?

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  1. I am absolutely gutted - had my eye on it for weeks. It's my own fault I hear everyone say and it is - hopefully someone got it here and that would make me feel a tad better!
  2. Oh no - the grey wisteria? It was such a good price as well
  3. Yeah it was Estlie - £400 cheaper than NAP - gutted
  4. Ah maybe it just wasn't meant to be :flowers:

    I'm sure something equally amazing will turn up soon. Plus you have two other spies so that should ease the pain a bit. :smile:
  5. Thanks Estile - you're right - whats meant to be won't go past you. Got the other two babies out tonight to tell them they won't have a sis after all!
  6. aw sorry to hear about you're 'miss out', secret_shopaholic.

    the moral of the story kiddies, BUY IT RIGHT WHEN YOU SEE IT. like i do, my credit cards are upthewall, but whatever, im happy! :smile:
  7. Not so soon, they may get a return
  8. Thanks Barbie
    Next time I will be straight in there
  9. Aww sorry you missed out on the Wisteria...have you emailed them to see if they will be getting anymore in? I am sure you will find her eventually:flowers: Plus, you still have your other babies to keep you occupied!
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